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We use domain names to search for our number one websites; we additionally bookmark them in our search programs. We may even compose and store them simply in the event that something turns out badly with our machine. However, for what reason do we need to realize a domain's IP address? We will require this data on the off chance that we need to know insights regarding the domain. What is an IP address? We should know the response to this before we examine what a domain's IP address is.

There is an information base that contains records of the multitude of websites that are on the web. The IP address is the thing that distinguishes one domain from another. Every domain is doled out a novel IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) is an exceptional addressing framework used to recognize all machines that are utilizing the web. At the point when you interface with the web through any gadget; cell phone, tablet, PC, PC, and so on you are recognized by an IP address. Without an exceptional addressing framework working and dealing with the web would be basically unthinkable. Suppose you were living in a region where there are no house numbers, no road numbers or names. It is difficult to discover where an individual resides.

An IP address comprises of four numbers. Every one of which contains one to three numbers. A solitary speck '.' Separates each set of numbers. Every one of the four numbers can go from 0 to 255. An IP address can look like This harmless looking arrangement of numbers is the key that enables a client to send and get information from different websites. It is this arrangement of numbers that guarantee that we arrive at the right website.

The basic arrangement of IP addresses which were first introduced in 1983 and are known as the IPV4 and the one clarified are quick running out. To deal with the future domains addressing IPV6 has been dispatched and both the variants are being used.