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About Server Status Checker

Information about the Server Status Checker tool!

URL Encode Decode tool,The Free online URL encoder and decoder tool. This tool will helpful when you want to turn encoded JavaScript URL with readable text.ABOUT SERVER STATUS CHECKER TOOL

Our HTTP Server status codes testing tool encourages you to check whether the status of a website is disconnected or on the web. Each and every time your program demands a website, status codes are returned, When something turns out badly your program conveyed some message in your program like "Something isn't directly alongside mistake code e.g 404"

As a webmaster or SEO, you ought to routinely check the server status of your websites. Server status checker is open for nothing on Rankseotools, Run a free test for single or mass URLs.

Glue up to 100 URLs in the test tool If you need to check the HTTP status codes that your program doesn't typically show you, the test tool will show the HTTP status code of each and every website in a seperate line, Each server status code has an alternate significance. Server distinctive http reaction codes with their significance are referenced underneath:

  • 200 status code: OK is acceptable. It implies that your server had the option to restore content for the URL you mentioned.
  • 301 status code: Moved Permanently implies that the mentioned URL has been moved for all time and all further requests ought to be coordinated to the new location.
  • 302 status code:  Found methods the server has discovered an impermanent redirection. This URL ought to be utilized again for the following time since it is just brief.
  • 307 status code: Temporary Redirect is like a 302 on the grounds that it is an impermanent redirect and a similar URL ought to be utilized again for the following time.
  • 400 status code: Bad Request essentially implies that the server didn't comprehend what you were searching for.
  • 401 status code: Unauthorized implies that your server won't give admittance to the substance without approval.
  • 403 status code: Forbidden implies that the server won't show you the substance, paying little mind to confirmation.
  • 404 status code: Not Found is a typical, baffling mistake, and may even be the thing you're checking for with this Server Status tool. This mistake code tells you that the record you were searching for isn't found. Search engines need a 404 to know which URLs are substantial and which aren't.
  • 410 status code: Gone is like 404. It tells you that the URL you were searching for existed, yet is gone.
  • 500 status code: Internal Server Error is another dissatisfaction that should be coordinated to your web host or framework head. It implies something isn't right with the server.

From the blunder code that is returned on a URL, you will actually want to distinguish the purpose behind it being operational or down.

On the off chance that your website is down a result of any of the mistakes as referenced above, you should figure it out with your website facilitating specialist co-op.

This advantageous tool to recognize issues on websites ought to be a fundamental tool for all SEOs and webmasters. By utilizing it you as a SEO or webmaster become acquainted with precisely what the purpose behind your website being down is, and you can fix it.