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There are a few kinds of redirects that you may execute on your website or its pages. Some of them are straightforwardly related, while others are linked in a roundabout way with SEO.

Utilizing the redirect tracker will guarantee you that your websites' traffic isn't influenced. For example, you own an image, which sells just a solitary item on the web, and you are presenting another product offering. Presumably, changing the domain name will help you focus on a more extensive crowd. In any case, the old guests probably won't locate your new website in the event that they enter the old URL.

Thus, it is fundamental for utilize the 301 redirect code for keeping away from the deficiency of existing traffic. What's more, on the off chance that you do that, utilizing the 301 checker tool will assist you with guaranteeing that your new domain is redirecting the traffic from the more seasoned one. It is a powerful method of redirecting a website without harming its SEO.